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Dragon X8 Hunting Compound Bow Beginner Kit Black


*30 inches  length make this bow compact
*Wide adjustability of draw length from 18” to 31”
*Wide adjustability of draw Weight from0-60lbs, or 0-70lbs
*Can be adjusted perfectly to the various shooters
*High arrow speeds, delivering impressive power, shooting comfortably, feeling well in the hand
*Kit package available for your option

  • Axle-to-Axle:30”
  • Brace Height:6.5”
  • Draw weight:0-60lbs,0-70lbs
  • Draw Length:18-31”
  • Let-Off:70-80%
  • Arrow speed:310 FPS
  • Net weight:3.8lbs
  • Color:Black,Vista camo
  • Hand Orientation::RH only
  • Product Code black 0-60lbs:200.215.003
  • Product Code camo 0-60lbs:200.215.004
  • Product Code black 0-70lbs:200.216.003
  • Product Code camo 0-70lbs:200.216.004



Brace Height:6.6"

Draw Weight:0~60LBS, 0~70 LBS

Draw Length:18"~31",(Each 0.5"adjustment)

IBO Speed:310FPS

Net Weight:3.8 LBS

Let-off: 70-80%

String Length:58.13" Cable Length:32.23"

Limited Life-time Warranty on main parts after your registration within 30 days of purchase.

The Dragon X8 Package include several related accessories, if there is any issue with any accessory, please feel free to leave a message to us, we will respond within 24 hours!

Student-ID First Name
Axle-to-Axle 30”
Brace Height 6.5”
Draw weight 0-60lbs,0-70lbs
Draw Length 18-31”
Let-Off 70-80%
Arrow speed 310 FPS
Net weight 3.8lbs
Color Black,Vista camo
Hand Orientation: RH only
Product Code black 0-60lbs 200.215.003
Product Code camo 0-60lbs 200.215.004
Product Code black 0-70lbs 200.216.003
Product Code camo 0-70lbs 200.216.004

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