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Miracle 10 ILF Target Recurve Bow Kit Green


*Ready to shoot bow set accessories , real value for money
*Extremely beautiful anodising ILF riser for Olympic.
*6061-T6 aluminum through advanced processes with well strength and hardness.
*Advanced full CNC machined riser with excellent straightness and balance.
*Ergonomic wooden grip.
*Layered foam core limbs.
*Made of high-strength cross carbon.
*Advanced design of limb tips make the initial speed faster.
* Limb Alignment System: Bolt or Block System Adjustment.

  • Bow Length::66” 68” 70”
  • Riser Length::25”
  • Riser Weight::1300g
  • Limb draw weight:28-48lbs
  • Limb materail:Foam core and Carbon layers
  • Hand Orientation::RH,LH
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Bow Length: 66” 68” 70”
Riser Length: 25”
Riser Weight: 1300g
Limb draw weight 28-48lbs
Limb materail Foam core and Carbon layers
Hand Orientation: RH,LH

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