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Hermit 10 ILF Recurve Bow Riser


*CNC machined 6061 aluminum riser for ultimate performance and appeal.
*Take-down design for easy storage.
*Luxury wooden grip.
*Block adjustment alignment adjustment.

  • Riser Length:19”
  • Riser Weight:1043g
  • Limb fitting system:ILF
  • RH only
  • Product Code black:200.086.005
  • Product Code blue:200.086.003
  • Product Code gold:200.086.002
  • Product Code red:200.086.001
  • Product Code green:200.086.006

Student-ID First Name
Riser Length 19”
Riser Weight 1043g
Limb fitting system ILF
RH only
Product Code black 200.086.005
Product Code blue 200.086.003
Product Code gold 200.086.002
Product Code red 200.086.001
Product Code green 200.086.006

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