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Royal X8 68" Traditional Longbow Wood Hunting Bow Kit


*Excellent central line, micro vibration and smooth arrow flight. Great performance is suited for traditional Hunters.
*It's very affordable and built with traditional style.
*Complete full kit design, matched suitably, more accurate.
*Guarantee that the archers will get the proper level and quality of accessories easily. 
*Riser: laminated solid wood from America.
*Limbs: multi-layers of maple wood core and fiberglass.
*Supple leather grip, Flemish D97 bow string, horse hair arrow rest, and rabbit hair string dampers.

  • Bow length:68”
  • Draw Weight:30lbs,35lbs,40lbs,45lbs,50lbs,55lbs,60lbs
  • String Length:65”
  • Brace Height:7”- 8”
  • Bow's Net Weight:1.4 Lbs
  • Riser Material:Laminated Wood
  • Limb's Matrerial:Maple Wood Core and Fiberglass
  • Arrows Matrerial:Carbon
  • Arrow Specification:Length, 30”; Spine, 500
  • Hand Orientation:RH

Student-ID First Name
Bow length 68”
Draw Weight 30lbs,35lbs,40lbs,45lbs,50lbs,55lbs,60lbs
String Length 65”
Brace Height 7”- 8”
Bow's Net Weight 1.4 Lbs
Riser Material Laminated Wood
Limb's Matrerial Maple Wood Core and Fiberglass
Arrows Matrerial Carbon
Arrow Specification Length, 30”; Spine, 500
Hand Orientation RH

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